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Real Ceylon Kanehl cinnamon. A taste-intensive gourmet cinnamon,
with aromatic smell, spicy-sweet taste. Quite low coumarin content. Top quality.
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Cinnamon sticks whole. Ceylon 10 cm. Controlled quality 50g
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Cinnamon sticks whole. Ceylon 8 cm. Controlled quality 200g
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5,48 € / 100g
Ceylon cinnamon is the bast part of one to two year old Cinnamomum zeylanicum trees, freed from the outer and middle bark by scraping, which are put into each other to 6 to 10 pieces. The bark is rolled from both sides. The fracture is short-fibred. The bark is matt yellow-brown on the outside, streaked with lighter longitudinal stripes, dark brown on the inside. Ceylon cinnamon is quite expensive and not available everywhere. But it is tastier and healthier, because it contains less coumarin.

The valuable, effective ingredients can be found in the cinnamon bark. It contains 0.5 to four percent essential oil, which consists of 65 to 75 percent cinnamon aldehyde and about five percent eugenol. There are also small amounts of so-called mono-, sesqui- and diterpenes, tanning agents and phenolic carboxylic acids. The substance coumarin occurs in Ceylon cinnamon only in very low concentrations.

Cinnamon promotes appetite and stimulates intestinal activity, strengthens and warms. As a spice it can therefore make food more digestible and prevent digestive problems such as flatulence and bloating.
The spicy, sweet tea from the cinnamon sticks strengthens and warms with exhaustion, alleviates colds through its antibacterial effect.
Origin: Sri Lanka. Controlled cultivation. ( Ceylon cinnamon is the name for this valuable cinnamon variety)
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