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Excellent companion to grilled meats, fish, seafood sauces and salads.
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Excellent companion to grilled meats, fish, seafood sauces and salads.

The predominant aromas are green pepper, ginger and parsley. Ingredients: vinegar, water, green chili, paprika, salsa, salt, xanthan gum.
Storage: keep the bottles in the refrigerator, the product contains no preservatives.
Manufacturer: Piri-Piri & Co in Albufeira - Algarve chili for every taste. Following old, traditional recipes, the high-quality Algarve chillies in gourmet quality are carefully processed using the most modern methods. To guarantee the best possible quality, only small batches are produced.

General information about Piri-Piri / Chili products:
Whether fresh or dried, or in sauces:
Always keep chili products child-safe and keep children away during processing.
Explain to your children why, a mere ban just makes you curious. The best protection is to show the explanation and the proper exemplary workmanship / usage.
You should wear protective gloves when handling and using very hot chili peppers / products, avoid skin contact, above all protect the eyes, clean hands and the used dishes well.

The best, first aid (in our experience), if it happened then:
In case of eye contact:
Immediately contact an ambulance, do not wash out with water !!!!

When burning in the mouth and esophagus:
Eat a piece of white bread or toast with as greasy as possible Mascorpone cheese, or any other greasy cheese, sweetened with sugar-coated yoghurt, milk sweetened with sugar. In no case water, that would only distribute the sharpness. Then rather an ice cold beer. The active ingredient of chilli, capsaicin is liposoluble.
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