Wax plates made of pure beeswax. For cosmetics, candles, and, and.....
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Wax plates made of pure beeswax. The wax plates measuring approx. 33 cm x 20 cm are rolled with the pattern of beehives. 100% pure, golden yellow beeswax is used.
One order unit contains 3 pcs. Wax plates with a weight of approx. 230g.

Well suited for various applications. E.g. for the production of homemade candles, or cosmetic products.
Is often used in lip balm,
for the production of moisturizing cream: heat some beeswax together with almond oil and then dilute with distilled water. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory beeswax traps moisture in the skin, making dry skin soft and supple again.
Is a natural rust inhibitor for tools, garden tools and iron parts.
Is a great natural lubricant for furniture joints and quitting doors.
Melted with coconut oil together a good natural furniture polish

What are beeswax slabs?
Honeybees produce wax to close their combs and protect the honey contained in the combs. The beekeeper removes this natural, pure beeswax in order to centrifuge the honey from the honeycomb. The beautiful golden-yellow colour and this wonderful, fragrant aroma is given to the actually white wax by the contact with the honey.
Beeswax consists of proteins, vitamins, minerals, esters of melisyl alcohol with palmitic acid, cerotinic acid, melissa acid and higher paraffinic hydrocarbons. In addition, there are small amounts of propolis, which are deposited by bees in their honeycomb cells and mixed with their lidding, giving the beeswax a propolis-like effect.

The durability of beeswax plates
Naturally pure beeswax slabs can be stored cool and dry for years without becoming rancid.

The processing:
From a temperature of approx. 32°C the plates can be easily deformed. Beeswax can be melted well with moderate heat in the pot.
The use:
For over 5000 years, pure beeswax has been used to make candles (rolled, drawn, cast or dipped), face masks, creams, lotions, lip balms and ointments.
Many also know it as a basic material or additive for various household care products for leather or wood. With beeswax glaze, blacksmiths used to protect iron against rust.

In literature, pure beeswax played an important role in traditional medicine. Beeswax has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It protects the skin against sun, cold and environmental influences, makes it soft and elastic and promotes scab and scar healing.

Manufacturer for honeycomb production:
Francisco Cortes, APICORTES LDA, 7630-711 Bicos Portugal
Control number: PT L2648CE

As with other bee products, some people are allergic to wax. If you are allergic to honey or pollen, beeswax is not for you.
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