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Due to the weather there is very little harvest in Madagascar, which is offered at utopian prices. Therefore we cannot offer you this article at the moment.
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Fresh Madagascar vanilla beans for connoisseurs. The full, fresh, soft, long (16-17 cm) vanilla beans are delivered in aromatic glass.
The vanilla beans are packed airtight in a practical aroma glass. Closed with natural cork to preserve the aroma.
Obtained from an orchid called "Vanilla planifolia", also known as "black gold". The vanilla pods or capsules are harvested unripe and yellow-green, then "made to sweat" and fermented for up to four weeks in airtight containers. About 130 aroma substances are contained in a pod. The largest single portion is the vanillin with a portion of 2-4%. The real vanilla is known in many exotic countries as a vitalizer, because it has a stimulating effect on the kidney function. It strengthens the stomach nerves and promotes digestion. Vanilla is also said to have an erotic effect.
The vanilla beans are packed airtight in a chic test tube, sealed with natural cork. Stored in a cool place (15°-18°C) and protected from light, shelf life is 2 years.
A white coating occurring during storage is absolutely natural; it is not mould, but pure vanillin, i.e. crystallized vanilla oil.

Even dried sheets can still be used:
1. place the pods overnight together with a piece of apple in an airtight container (e.g. an old jam jar). The pods absorb the moisture and can then be used again. Leave in the jar for a maximum of 2-3 days, otherwise the pods will absorb too much of the apple aroma.
2. the dry pods can also be ground to powder in a food processor or coffee grinder. The powder can be mixed with espresso or coffee powder and brewed, this refines the taste!
3. do not throw used pods away, put them in a container with sugar, the pods will release their flavour to the sugar and you will get a natural vanilla sugar.

By the way, only the cultivation areas Madagascar, Comoren and La Réunion (formerly Bourbon Islands) are allowed to use the designation "BOURBON". In recent decades, it has become clear that the original Bourbon quality can only be achieved on these islands due to the soil/air/water composition, and that Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is the most popular among consumers.

By the way: Among the Aztecs, vanilla beans were considered divine and were supposed to promote fertility.
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