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Quinta cultivation, fruit cultivation with heart

The mineral-rich loam soils and our unique geographical location, in an area without any heavy industry, guarantee you one of the best qualities in Europe. Low acidity due to the high degree of ripeness and thus above-average taste make our fruits so popular. 
The fruits are not preserved, the skin is untreated. Depending on the variety, our citrus fruits ripen on the tree for up to one and a half years. 
Our Quinta cultivation: natural, but not to present you with any "seal". We are concerned with "health", first and foremost yours and ours, but also that of the piece of "earth" entrusted to us.
We still work a lot by hand to maintain the quinta, we fertilize with expensive organic fertilizers, we reduce the pest infestation with biologically meaningful products and reduce the insect pests with wine vinegar traps. 
To give birds and other beneficial insects a home, we have planted several thousand trees, which are native to this region, but without fruit yield. Some bee colonies enjoy this diversity and support us in this work.
We are therefore explicitly committed to the active conservation of this habitat.

Respect for our Mother Earth should be seen as a commitment taken with love and gratitude.  

How wonderful when we all benefit from it.

Our Quinta crowned with a rainbow.

Cultivation in harmony with nature.

Near-natural cultivation with many "non-fruit trees".

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