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The best fillet of tuna.
The belly fillet of the light tuna is particularly aromatic and tasty.
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The best fillet of tuna.
The belly fillets of light tuna are particularly aromatic and tasty.

La Gondola, founded in 1940, is one of the oldest fish canning factories in Portugal. The company has remained true to tradition and only selects fresh fish of the season, freshly processed by hand every day. The combination of fresh quality fish, excellent oils and spices and a controlled processing with low temperatures and a controlled pressure when closing the cans allow the fish to mature further in the can and to combine well with the oil and spices.
Thanks to the high standard of processing, La Gondola has built up a very good reputation in gastronomy, among gourmets and fish lovers in many countries. La Gondola's motto "looking for the best" is confirmed by the excellent quality of its products. Nothing embodies Portuguese cuisine better than wonderful FISH specialities. The taste does not have much in common with the simple fish. Note:
Since 2014, fishing for Atlantic tuna in Portugal has been heavily regulated and fishing with trawl nets banned. Compliance with quotas and fishing methods is strictly monitored and documented by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC certificate).
The 120g can has a fish weight of 84g.
Nutrients per 100g:
Energy: 210 kcal, 878 kj.
Contents: Tuna belly meat, olive oil and salt.

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