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10 facts about Spain:

1.  The word "España" has a Phoenician language origin and means according to historians "Island of the Rabbit".

2. The oldest national anthem in Europe is that of the Spaniard - without any text.

3. Spanish food is not spicy and very rarely hot.

4. Friday, the 13th is a normal day for Spaniards: not Friday, but Tuesday the 13th, the Martes Trece, is a day of misfortune in Spain.

5. The submarine is made in Spain..

6. Spain is in second place after Japan, the loudest country in the world.

7. Surrounded by sea:

Spain has a coastline of 4,964 km and ranks 27th in the world, one place ahead of France (4,835 km) and one behind Iceland (4,970 km).

8. Annually red wine and tomato battles: The Spaniards organize annually not only a tomato, but also a wine fight in which the inhabitants of the town of Haro in the Rioja region pour each other over with thousands of liters of red wine.

9. Sweet Silvester custom: 

Instead of fireworks, the Spaniards put on New Year's Eve on a different tradition: At the turn of the year at midnight, the celebrants push a bunch of grapes in his mouth to each stroke of the bell. That should bring good luck for the new year.

10. Spain has seven official languages:

In addition to the official language Castellano, ie the High Spanish (523 million speakers worldwide), there are six other languages that are regionally official: Catalan (7.2 million speakers), Basque (800,000 speakers), Galician (3.5 million) Speakers), Aragonese (12,000 speakers), Aranese (3,900 speakers), Asturian (450,000 speakers).

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