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Tasmanian mountain pepper is suitable for the preparation of meat, poultry, fish, chutneys and much more.
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The king among the pepper varieties is also known as Australian mountain pepper.
It thrives in the very changeable South Pacific climate on the island of Tasmania and in South Australia and is characterised by its varied taste: Sweet and fruity at the beginning, followed by a pronounced peppery spiciness. A fine note of tree mushroom and the earthy, slightly cloves-like taste make these berries so attractive. This exotic among the pepper varieties smells and tastes like hardly any other pepper.
The mountain pepper is actually not pepper, but the purple, dried berry of a wild bush. Long used as a medicinal plant, it was discovered as a spice in the 19th century. It is not suitable for the spice mill, otherwise it sticks together. Crush the grains better in a mortar and season them shortly before serving.

Origin: Australia
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