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Fresh orange juice. Without preservatives.

Without colorings, no added sugar, not concentrated. This fresh orange juice from the Algarve is characterized by a high vitamin C content of 40mg per 100ml.
Freshly squeezed from sun-drenched Algarve oranges.
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Fresh - orange - direct - juice, no colorings, no preservatives, no added sugar, not concentrated, pasteurized. This fresh orange juice from the Algarve is characterized by a high vitamin C content of 40mg per 100ml.
Only freshly harvested, ripe Algarve oranges are used for this fresh, pasteurized orange direct juice. Due to the light and air protective fresh bag packaging with the built-in tap, an open package can be used well 2 weeks. All the important flavors and vitamins are preserved.
In the taste, optimally for fresh orange juice. (Depending on the season, there are small differences, as with the fresh oranges from which the juice is made, also.)

Due to the practical packaging, with tap, also in the office a popular companion in between times just to recharge your batteries.

The Frischegag:
The inner bag of the carton, contracts while tapping the orange juice. Therefore, no oxygen can penetrate through the patented tap, which prevents the fermentation of the product. Therefore, the fresh juice is good for 2 weeks and keeps its vitamins.
So even with a family of 2 and a consumption of just a glass of a 150ml per person per day a manageable amount.

100ml included:
45 kcal / 188 kj
0.7 g protein
10 g carbohydrates
9 g of fructose
40 mg of vitamin C

A jar of 150 ml of orange juice covers 75% of the daily required vitamin C amount of a human to GDR / GDA.

Origin: Portugal / Algarve
From sustainable, controlled European agriculture

Why is this natural juice being pasteurized?
During processing and bottling, the juice comes into contact with many bacteria present in the air, which could induce rapid decomposition. To prevent this natural process, the juice is heated to 72-75 degrees for 15-30 seconds. This kills all pathogenic germs. (pasteurized, after the 19th-century French chemist Louis Pasteur.) All important ingredients and flavors are preserved in the juice, so the product is stored for three months when stored under exclusion of air.

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