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The RISCA GRANDE EXTRA, Virgin Extra, is a cuvée, a composition
of olives of different traditional Portuguese olive varieties. The harmony of fruity-spicy nuances, light bitterness and gentle pungency in this distinctive olive oil is retained in the mouth for a long time. Acidity 0.10%.
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is an Cuveé, an composition of olive various traditional Portuguese varieties of olives such as Galega Grada de Serpa, Galega Vulgar, Verdeal de Serpa, Cordovil de Serpa, Carrasquenha, Mançanilha and Gamenha.

The harmony of fruity and spicy nuances, slight bitterness and soft spiciness in this unique olive oil will remain long in the mouth.

Recommendation : for salads, fish, white meat and mild vegetables.


APRIL 2010

At the world's most important competition of organic olive oils, the Prémio Biol in Italy, our oil RISCA GRANDE CLASSIC was elected by the jury for second place.


This year, the "olive oil price" at the BioFach in Nuremberg was awarded for the third time. RISCA GRANDE was elected with three of her oils among the top 10:

■RISCA GRANDE INTENSE on the 4th place

■RISCA GRANDE ANTIQUE on the 6th place

■RISCA GRANDE CLASSIC on the 7th place

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