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The low temperature oil is harvested at night, in the moonlight, in the dark
at low temperatures. The fruits are cold-pressed on the same night and bottled in black-colored bottles.
Azeite Gallo Colheita ao Luar.
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Azeite Gallo Colheita ao Luar 500ml
"The low temperature oil".
Fruits harvested at low temperatures during the night under moonlight are cold-pressed and blackened the same night Bottled.
In this very special oil, all the aromas and flavors of the olives are perfectly preserved. By the extraction At low temperatures at night, the oil contains a maximum of volatile substances.

A TOP olive oil with a strong fruity aroma and a fresh, fruity, slightly spicy taste for the most demanding palate. Points in Flos Olei: 84

Enjoyed pure, with some bread and fresh garlic, or a few more tomato cubes ..... the eyes close ...... and think you are at the harvest ........

Combines especially well with green or white asparagus, zucchini or eggplant. To fresh salads or white meat such as chicken or turkey.

Acidity max. 0.3%
Packaging: glass, black sunscreen bottle 500 ml.
Production: mechanically cold pressed.

The olive oil brand Gallo was founded in 1919 by Victor Guedes and registered as a trademark. To this day, an innovative company with a lot of know-how and a desire for something special. For each type of olive oil, olives from over 400 different olive tree species are selected and put together similar to the Master Blend with a lot of experience. This results in a distinctive taste of each variety.

Olive oils from the House of Gallo have been consistently awarded for years.

Ingredients in general:
high levels of Vitamin E and Omega-9 fatty acids for good circulation, cholesterol-lowering sterols, vascular protective polyphenols, heart-strengthening Co-Q10, revitalizing chlorophyll and lecithin for generally good cognitive functions.
On average, olive oil contains 100 ml each:
Saturated fatty acids: 14g
Simple unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 9) 79g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3/6) 7g
Vitamin E: 13mg

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