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The smallest olive with stone, a fine aroma and the big, convincing
intense Mediterranean taste. The meat is juicy and firm and separates well from the stone. The 500g vacuum pack. Without brine.
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The smallest olive with stone, a fine aroma and the big convincing taste. The meat is juicy and firm and separates well from the stone. In addition to the natural debittering process, the fruits are stored for about three months in an underground tank with sea salt water and spices. A tasty short holiday on the Mediterranean!

A product without artificial additives or preservatives.
The fruits are not heated, so they are also suitable for raw food.

Always store olives in a cool and dark place.
After opening the vacuum packaging, consume the fruit immediately. If you want to keep them for a while, you can simply make your own brine. We recommend 7 tablespoons of sea salt per 1 litre of water. The olives should be kept in a suitable closable container covered with brine in the refrigerator.
The brine is also suitable to give the olives a more intense, individual taste by adding various spices. Oregano, garlic, thyme, fennel, chilli are particularly suitable.

You can determine this yourself then.
Or put the olives in olive oil and add garlic, chilli peppers and a bay leaf. Allow to stand for a few hours. Delicious!

Nutrition table (100g):
Calorific value: 955kj
Calories: 228 kcal
Protein: 1,3g
Fibre: 0g
salt: 4g

Dry weight: 500g vacuum pack.
Ingredients: olives with stone, water, sea salt, spices.

Producer: La Masrojana, Spain

Our bags are produced under hygienic conditions (HACCP guidelines). The PA/PE bag film used is suitable for contact with food. Physiological harmlessness; conforms to BfR, FDA and EC directives Material : Multi-layer composite film with good barrier and sealing properties. Material : PA/PE 20/70 (90µ +/- manufacturing tolerances) Weight per unit area : 87 g/m² Sealing temperature : 160°C Temperature resistance : -20°C to +85°C
  from Edewecht
Die Olive ist exakt so wie beschrieben, relativ fest, sehr aromatisch, gut vom Stein lösend. Gott sei Dank weit weg vom 80g-Glas Oliven aus der Feinkostreihe beim Rewe, bei denen in der Regel NICHT mal die Olivensorte draufsteht. Gut fanden wir auch die Verpackung im Vakuumbeutel sowie den Hinweis auf die weitere Lagerung. Wir haben die Oliven in einer Klickbox, aufgefüllt mit Salzwasser im Kühlschrank; hält sich wunderbar.