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Neempress cake is peeled and deoiled seed. Mixed with soil or worked into the soil, it can be absorbed by many plants via the roots and helps them to regain their natural balance.
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The Neempress cake made from peeled, deoiled Neem seeds is mainly used as a soil additive. The press cake has a harmonizing effect on the soil organisms and improves the nutrient availability of the plants.

Soil pests such as nematodes or soil-borne insects such as fungus gnat larvae or weevils are naturally prevented from spreading. The nematode's panties from the egg layers (cysts) are significantly reduced, so that no mass reproduction can occur. Insects avoid soils containing Neem press cakes as places where eggs are laid. Insect larvae in the soil are significantly less active; they reduce their feeding activity and only a few can develop into the finished insect. Press cake is particularly efficient for new seeds, as seedlings and young plants can absorb many of the nematodes via the roots. Thus they are well supplied for the first weeks of life and equipped against many harmful external influences.

As a pure soil or soil additive, 10 g of press cake per kg of soil is required for sowing and seedlings; up to 50 g per kg of soil can be added for old plantations. The press cake should be mixed well with the soil; rake lightly in case of superficial application.

Concentrated nitrogen fertilizers, such as urea fertilizers or liquid manure, are better utilised by no press cake in the soil. It acts as a natural nitrification inhibitor, i.e. the natural losses of nitrogen into the air and groundwater are greatly reduced, as the conversion of ammonium in the slurry is slower and the plants are thus supplied with nitrate-nitrogen evenly. As addition of urea fertilizers or slurry, 2 - 3 % press cake should be added and mixed.

Nempress cake itself contains the following important plant nutrients:
Main nutrients, in % of dry matter
N - nitrogen 3.5%
P - Phosphorus 3.0%
K - Potassium 1.0%
Mg-magnesium 0.5%

Trace elements in ppm:
Cu - copper 20 ppm
Mn - manganese 70 ppm
Fe - iron 270 ppm

Further applications:
A simple water extract can also be made from the press cake. This can be used to spray or water plants. For easier handling, it is also available in practical brewing bags and can therefore be used very easily by small consumers. For the water extract, 30g per litre of water is used, whereby each brewing bag contains 15g and thus produces half a litre of spray.
The press cake can also be added to pet food. As it is very bitter, only very small amounts can be added. Very low concentrations of well below 1% are sufficient to bring out the effects of the Niems. It strengthens the immune system, promotes digestion, harmonizes the microbial flora and prevents intestinal parasites. In addition, no fly larvae or other pests can develop in the faeces of the animals.

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