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Pure, coarse, untreated, handmade sea salt

from the Ria Formosa nature reserve in Portugal. Not washed, not bleached, in practical refillable spice glass with transparent mill. Filling weight 110g.
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Pure, coarse, natural sea salt. Not washed, not bleached, not ground. The salt comes from a traditional saline of the ecologically controlled nature reserve Ria Formosa at the Algarve in Portugal, with a good water quality. This salt, which is so important for our diet, is scooped by hand in the traditional way, as it was in Roman times. No mechanical means are used, neither during harvesting nor during cultivation. The only aid allowed is a wooden rake and "man power".
All natural minerals remain unaltered. Ideal for the kitchen and for seasoning at the table thanks to the practical mill.

In practical refillable spice glass with transparent plastic mill. Filling weight 110 g.

The salt consists of approximately 80 valuable minerals, such as magnesium and iodine, as well as trace elements.

Ingredients: 100% natural sea salt
Origin: Portugal
Residual moisture max. 6%
Packaging: single plastic bag

Average nutritional values per 100gl:
NaCl 94 gr | Mg 420 mg | K 300 mg | Ca 200 mg
< 10 mg insoluble. Ingredients
Nutritional values per 100 gr:
Calorific value 0.0 | grease 0.0 gr (0%)|
Carbohydrates 0,0 gr (0%)
proteins 0.0 gr (0%) | sodium 336 mg (16%)

Use in the salt mill:

Depending on the model of salt mill you are using, we recommend that you dry this unrefined, not artificially dried natural salt before use.

Quinta Fornalha" is one of the few traditional family businesses that has been producing "natural salt" for several generations. The quality requirements of Nature & Progress are met and certified by Sativa PT.

PS: The Ria Formosa nature reserve is home to various bird species such as flamingo, oystercatcher, spoon ear, ibis and heron.

Recipe sea salt bath
4 tablespoons sea salt
1 drop of geranium oil (Art.No. 4305)
3 drops of grapefruit oil (Art.No. 414)
4 drops of lavender oil (Art.No. 416)
1 drop of neroli oil (Art.No. 4308)
2 drops of clove flower oil (Art.No. 4308)
Add the essential oils to the salt and mix with the incoming bath water.

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