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Mulberry - the power fruit from an all-natural collection.

In Asia, mulberries play an important role in silkworm breeding.

With us, they are a fancy ingredient for cereals and desserts.

The colors of the mulberry can be seen.

There are white, red and black mulberries.

They differ in aroma from each other.

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Mulberries, sweet, dired, all-natural  200g
Natural, untreated dried mulberries from wild collection, are very sweet and remind of the taste of raisins. They can also be used as a substitute for sugar for sweetening tea.
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Mulberries, sweet, dired, all-natural 1Kg
Natural, untreated dried mulberries from wild collection.
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Mulberry - the power fruit

In Asia, mulberries play an important role in silkworm breeding.

With us, they are a fancy ingredient for cereals and desserts.

The colors of the mulberry can be seen.

There are white, red and black mulberries.

They differ in aroma from each other.


We offer you here our all-natural, untreated, dried mulberries.

In Portuguese, we call them Amoreira.

Amoreiras is very sweet and reminiscent of the taste of raisins.

They can be used as a substitute for sugar.

Amoreiras is an excellent choice for sweetening tea.

Dried mulberries are great as a snack in between.

The loose mulberries are especially good in muesli or as a cake topping.

They are interesting fruity taste-givers.

Therefore, they are a perfectly suitable ingredient for your fruit salads.

Mulberry cultivation worldwide

Originally, some mulberry species come from Asia and others from North America.

In Asia, the mulberries are cultivated for the silkworm breeding.

In Europe, the Romans were among the first to use the trees.

In Germany, the decorative trees are rarely found.

Occasionally they grow in parks and avenues.

However, they still thrive better in warmer regions.


The mulberry colors are black, red, white.

Mulberry trees are a genus of flowering plants of the mulberry family.

In the botanical sense, the berries are stone fruit bandages.

Many small drupes emerge from a flower and seem to form a fruit together.

The berries ripen one after the other so that they can only be harvested gradually, but not all at once.

The fruits are reminiscent of the shape of elongated raspberries or blackberries.

In Europe, three species are common today.

  • The white mulberry, Latin Morus alba

  • The black mulberry, Latin Morus nigra

  • The red mulberry, Latin Morus rubra.

The trees or shrubs reach stature heights from 6 to 15 meters.

The knotty branches form a fairly compact crown.

The trees are deciduous, so lose their foliage before winter.

Leaves and flowers grow at the same time from April.

The leaves of the white mulberry serve as food for the caterpillars of the silk moth.

The color makes the difference

Black and red mulberries much more suitable for consumption than the white ones are.

They are often so soft when harvested that their juice comes out and the harvester's hands turn red.


Fully ripe-harvested a pleasure.

The best harvest season is the beginning of August to the end of September. In Germany, however, fresh mulberries are rarely available.

The fruits are too delicate to transport longer distances.

Imported goods are therefore mostly in dried or processed form.

The appearance of dried mulberries

By drying, the mulberries become firmer.

In addition, they look rather glassy.

The color changes into brownish and yellow tones.

Tips for preparation

For example, dried mulberries can be used, as cereals, in yogurt or for baking.


The correct storage method

Mulberries are very sensitive.

Please store the dried mulberries cool and above all in a dry environment.

Recipe idea

Chia Oatmeal pudding

with mulberries and blueberries

>> We have many ingredients for this recipe in our store for you!

>> This recipe is therefore suitable for "2 go" meals.

You can take it everywhere with you!

A leak-proof Mason Jar with lid is needed.

It is possible to use a similarly sized, stable container, too.

A leak-proof cereal "to go" jar, can be used as well.


100 ml of coconut milk

100 ml of water

4 tbsp oatmeal

4 tablespoons chia seeds

2 tablespoons of maple syrup

1 tablespoons of bee flower pollen

1 small banana, sliced

1 handful of blueberries

1 handful of dried mulberries

Preparation steps

1. Pour coconut milk, water, oatmeal and chia seeds into a jar with a lid.

2. Shake the glass vigorously.

3. Put the glass in the fridge for at least 2 hours or even better overnight.

4. After this time, just take the glass out of the fridge.

5. If you want to take the pudding with you, put the remaining ingredients in the glass.

6. Otherwise, put the contents of the jar in a bowl and put the other ingredients in there.


A Healthy, delicious, self-made pudding is now possible as "2 go version" ...

... Just try it!

Nutritional navigation

Nutritional Value

Mulberries contain many vitamins (A, B, C) and minerals such as iron and calcium, powerful antioxidants resveratrol and polyphenols.

Amoreiras are rich in flavonoid and contain various minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and manganese.

Commercial Quality

  • Raw food quality

  • Vegan


Product of Iran


Energy 1104 kJ

Energy 264 kcal

Proteins 7.7 g

Carbohydrates 48.1 g

Dietry Fibre 8.9 g

Bread Units 4.4 g

Important notice

The mulberries are from a wild collection, despite intensive cleaning can be small stones in the goods.

Amoreira. Maulbeeren. Mulberries.
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