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A tasty, creamy, rich green tea with a slightly sweet and smooth aroma.
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Matcha is finely ground green tea leaf powder.
It is the most prized tea in Japan.
First documented about 900 years ago by Buddhist monks, the noble Japanese Matcha green tea is today considered to be Japan's highest quality and rarest tea variety.

Only a few tea farmers in Japan have the necessary knowledge to process Matcha tea leaves.
These grow in the high hills of the Kyoto region.
Only the fine young tea buds are harvested and dried from the slowly growing tea in shade plantations.
After removing coarse parts of the leaves, the dried leaves are slowly ground to a fine, jade-green Matcha powder in granite stone mills.
For drinking it is covered with water and traditionally beaten with a bamboo broom.

The result: a uniquely creamy, rich green tea with a slightly sweet, smooth aroma.
The taste? now the Japanese say "umami" which can probably be translated as "good taste".
Matcha is described as a stimulating tea with a certain stimulating effect. The most outstanding feature is its antioxidant properties. Matcha has a peak value of 1710 units per gram in the ORAC register. This is a best performance with natural products, as opponents to free radicals.

Matcha can be prepared as a ceremony tea, but also as Matcha iced tea or Matcha latte tea, Matcha in fruit juices or with milk. The unique flavours are also often used in many recipes in the kitchen.

Use for preparing tea:
Place 1-2 grams of Matcha in a bowl and pour 80-100ml of water over the bowl. (more water = milder; less water = stronger) Then foam up with a bamboo broom.
Storage: The tea should always be well sealed and stored in a cool and dry place. Quality grade: Matcha Ceremonial Grade
Origin: controlled cultivation Japan.
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