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Crunchy, thin sliced almond slices, made from healthy, mature, fresh, organic almonds. Carefully cleaned and dried.
Our Almonds come from the Algarve, in Portugal.
Almond kernels, almond slices, untreated, natural, organic almonds, peel-less, blanched and grounded.
Good for the preparation of almond milk and marzipan aka marchpane and for the decoration of baked goods like cakes and many more.
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Crunchy sliced almonds, obtained from healthy, mature fresh produce, carefully cleaned and dried in the Algarve.
Untreated, unprocessed almonds are blanched and planed, cut into small slices.
Almonds are suitable for baking, cooking, for desserts, as cereals or in yogurts and even as an ingredient in bread.
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