Almond blossom festival 2018

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Our almond blossom festival

The aromatic scent of almond blossoms is everywhere in the air. There is a large selection of fresh, regional almond products on these festive days. This is the prelude to our almond campaign for you!

Some "souvenirs" from spring Portugal are waiting for you. Discover our variety of almonds - whole or ground. Feast on our almond pralines, which are a very special treat.   Also the typical, original Mandelikör, which comes from a local distillery, you receive with us. Spoil yourself and your loved ones with our high-quality almond oil. Everything as usual in best Quinta quality.

So spring can come! Let the first rays of the sun shine on you too... Even if everything in Germany is still dark and grey, almonds are simply good for you.

Our specialities will surely leave some warmth of Portugal on your palate and in your heart.

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