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Lapacho tea, without caffeine, from the inner bark of the Lapacho tree.
Also for children! Tastes earthy with a slightly sweet vanilla note.
Very tasty.
He acts: immune boosting,
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Lapacho or Taheebo tea, without caffeine, 100g
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Lapacho or Taheebo tea, without caffeine, 300g
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In general, high quality lapacho tea is considered a refreshing, vitality-enhancing beverage with no caffeine but high levels of important minerals and trace elements.
It is obtained from the inner bark of "Red Lapacho Trees", which is obtained in Brazil through wild collections.
It is reddish to light brown in color and tastes interesting, as it is slightly sweet and strong at the same time.
The Indians call the lapacho a tree of life.
Through existing catechins and saponins Lapacho stimulates the metabolism and can be used because of its antibacterial effect versatile. It works: soothing, analgesic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, sweat-inducing, diuretic.
Lapacho tea preparation:
For one liter of water boil 1 tablespoon (10g) for 5 min, then let simmer for 15 min and then sift.
Lapacho tea is drunk warm or cold.
To sweet it combines well with honey.
Origin: Brazil Control N ° PV 0A1, 124982
Please note: The use is not intended for the elimination or alleviation of diseases, ailments or pathological complaints. The information given here comes from natural medicine, based on tradition of folk medicine or many years of experience. Under no circumstances should this information replace a consultation with a doctor. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor or alternative practitioner.
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