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Freshly harvested pulp. 1. Cold pressing in raw food quality.
Without preservatives, not hardened, not refined, not deodorised and also not bleached. Controlled quality.
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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from the Philippines made from fresh coconut meat.

Our coconut oil is all-natural.

It is not preserved, not hardened, not refined, not deodorized and also not bleached

From freshly harvested pulp of the 1st cold-pressing in raw food quality without preservatives.

An exotic oil that can boost your health and your fat burning.

Coconut oil is a universal oil in the kitchen.

It is suitable for cooking, frying, baking, and refining, as it has a very high smoke point (up to 200 degrees).

Coconut oil gives the dishes a slightly fruity, exotic note without being overpowering.

Coconut oil is very easy to digest.

It regulates the blood lipid level, is antimicrobial (both internal and external) and almost never leads to obesity.

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil that is solid at room temperature and has a melting range of about 23 ° C to 26 ° C.

Coconut oil consists of so-called medium-chain fats that are completely being metabolized differently in the body than long-chain fats.

Some long-chain fats are Sunflower, rapeseed, or olive oil.

It passes through the digestive tract directly into the liver, where it either as energy available or will be converted into ketone bodies.

These ketone bodies reduce the appetite.

Coconut oil is slightly thermogenic, it cools in the mouth.

That is, a part of the calories of coconut oil is converted into heat, thereby increasing energy consumption.

Average nutritional information per 100g:

3683 KJ / 896 kcal

Protein: 0.0g

Carbohydrates: 0.0g

Fiber: 0.6g

Fat: 99g of which saturated fatty acid 93g (of which about 49g lauric acid)

Simple unsaturated fatty acids 5.3g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0,8g

0.0mg cholesterol

Container size

320ml / 300g


The Philippines, fair trade. Controlled quality.

Keep cool and dry, away from direct sunlight.




Keep cool and dry, away from direct sunlight.

For the known positive effects of coconut oil, please refer to the press or the numerous reports on the Internet.
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