Caramelized Buddhas Hand Lemon with Pudding

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A rarity.
Very aromatic.
This fruit is called Buddha's hand because its shape reminds of fingers.
In Asia it is a sacred fruit.
The whole fruit can be eaten, which consists only of shell.
There is no flesh with juice in this original fruit.
But the fruit is particularly aromatic and when consumed directly one has a herbaceous sensation and the fruit tastes sweeter and less bitter than the well-known lemon.


1. cook a pudding according to taste.

Take 1 Buddhas hand and cut 1 "finger" into slices.

3. put the brown sugar in a pan and heat.

4. put the slices of the Buddha's hand in the melted sugar and mix well.

5. finally, add the caramelized Buddhas hand lemon slices to the pudding and enjoy.

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