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An aromatic Arabica Robusta bean dream.
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Portugal for the cup. An arabica robusta bean dream.

This is a particularly aromatic, ground coffee.

A medium roast with the elegance and intensity of the aromas of Arabica coffees, complemented by the presence of Robusta coffee. Here, the Arabica bean kisses the Robusta bean in the spirit of the Portuguese coffee culture.

The arabica beans

Arabica is probably the oldest coffee.

The Arabica coffee grows in climatically ideal conditions and is considered one of the highest quality coffees worldwide.

The plants are sensitive to high temperatures, so they prefer to grow at altitudes of 900 to 2000 m above sea level.

Growth is slower due to lower temperatures and altitude.

So the beans have more time to develop an intense aroma until harvest.

This certainly contributes to the fact that the Arabica plant has twice as many chromosomes as the Robusta plant.

The added expense of growing and harvesting is the reason for the higher prices for Arabica beans.

The Arabica beans give coffee a subtle variety of flavors, more acid, fewer body.

Robusta coffee beans:

Robusta coffee is one of the most popular coffees ever.

As the name implies, Coffea canephora is a "robust" coffee plant.

Robusta coffee plantations can tolerate higher temperatures at a lower altitude than Arabica coffee plantations.

Robusta beans are known for their strong, low-acid body and contain more caffeine than Arabica beans.

Robusta is an indispensable part of the Portuguese coffee culture and serves as the basis for Portuguese coffee blends. It helps to reduce acidity and create a fascinating crema.




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