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Delta Brazil - the tropical-sweet, full, fruity coffee.

The Delta Brazil brings a light, subtle, soft coffee enjoyment right into your cup.

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Grounded Delta Coffee BRAZIL 220g

A selection of the best Brazilian coffees.

The tropical-sweet, full, fruity aroma brings a light, fine, soft coffee enjoyment to your cup.

A journey, be it a short break, always begins with a taste experience.

Treat yourself to this unique delicacy.

You buy here a ground roasted coffee.

Delta Coffee

The company Nabeiro / Delta Group, is one of the most popular coffee brands in Portugal.

A modern, yet family-run company with social responsibility.

With vision, the company supports measures against the dying of coffee plantations.

In the Timor project, € 0.25 will be reinvested for each 250g of coffee in Timor for technology and training of coffee growers.

The coffee beans are stronger here, roasted darker.

As a result, the coffee bean loses more caffeine and caffeic acid.

The quality of the coffee speaks for itself.

The coffee is drum-processed and therefore slowly roasted at approx. 194 ° C / 381.2 °F for approx. 20 minutes and afterwards gently grinded.

One of the most famous coffees in the world, with a rich aroma and an extremely thin and beautiful fine taste.

A good body, lots of aromas and yet balanced in the taste.

Suitable for all preparation methods.

This is a grounded and roasted coffee.



Roasted, grounded and packaged in Portugal.

Average nutritional value per 100 ml: Energy: 8 kcal, 35 KJ

Protein: 0.4 g

Carbohydrates: 1.0 g; of which sugar is 0.5 g

Fat: 0.3 g

Fiber: 1.0 g

Salt: 7.5 mg

Gluten free

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Warm tips
For the preparation, we recommend the usage of good water and 7g freshly grounded coffee per cup.
Store dry and cool.

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