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Finely ground ginger is extremely versatile when cooking, baking, marinating,
for sauces and in the Ayurvedic kitchen applicable. Exotic, intensive and versatile.
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Ginger ground, Natural, Controlled Quality 100g
Ready for shipment 29.05.2019
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Ginger ground, Natural, Controlled Quality 250g ZIP pack
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2,98 € / 100 g
Natural ginger, dried and ground in controlled quality. The ginger is free of any additives.

Finely ground, ginger is extremely versatile in cooking, baking, marinating, sauces and Ayurvedic cuisine. Ginger is becoming increasingly popular in Europe as it can be used with almost any meat or vegetable dish. Our ginger has an intense aroma and gives your dishes an exotic, slightly spicy note.
In case of seasickness and nausea it can be stirred into yoghurt and taken. Ginger ground is also recommended as tea, especially after eating, because ginger ground promotes digestion.

Origin. Brazil. Controlled quality.
Diets: vegan, vegetarian
Additives: without additives, also no sodium chloride
Allergens: does not contain any allergenic substances that must be labelled, nor are any allergens known.
Storage: Cool and dry

Average nutritional value per 100g dried fruit:
Calorific value: 1278 kJ / 304 kcal
Fat: 2.40 g , - of which total fatty acid: 1.00 g
carbohydrates: 48.60 g, - of which sugar: 2.90 g
Protein: 9.80 g
salt: 0,02 g

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