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Egitânia olive oil, Extra Virgin, cold pressed, Acidity, only 0.2%!
The Egitânia extra virgin olive oil is a top notch product.
It is a brand new arrival to our assortment of the finest olives oils.
This olive oil is highly aromatic and full of flavor.
It has been filled up in a 500ml sized, light excluded glass bottle.
Certificate: BIO (organic olive oil)
Cultivation according to biodynamic and organic rules.
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Egitânia, organic olive oil, extra virgin, cold pressed, very low acidity, only 0.2%! Bottle size: 500 ml.
This olive oil is highly aromatic.
It is versatile and therefore suitable for many purposes.

Some examples: For salads, meat dishes, pasta, mature cheese, bbq, or as a dip for white bread.
It is especially recommended to enjoy it directly, by using a spoon.

The taste
This olive oil, if directly enjoyed, it is >scratchy< when running down the throat.
That is caused by the plentily contained polyphenols and sterols, which are said to have anti-inflammatory properties.
Try to take a tablespoon of olive oil, when having a sore throat.

The location of the producer
Idanha-a-Velha, Portugal.
Our farm stretches across over 180 hectares of a unique historical and impressive landscape.

The history of our land
Our more than 100 years old olive trees are deeply rooted in the cultural history of Europe.
Idanha-a-Velha was the Roman capital of Lusitania, the Portugal of 2000 years ago.

At this time, the olive oil was already produced there.
Back then, firstly the Visigoths, later the Muslims, as well as the Jews were living in harmony with the Christians.
As the 12th century arose, the Templars began to settle down in this beautiful land.

Today, experienced, young nature-loving farmers revive rich local traditions.
Each epoch planted their culture and their saints into these soils.
The earth is soaked in the light and spirituality of the Mediterranean.

Our attitude
We treat our trees with a deep respect for their history and their experience.

More about... The processing /harvesting /pressing
The processing of the cultivation is done according to biodynamic rules.

We consider the sustainability and the existing traditional ecosystem.
The plenty of olive trees, the numerous sheep and large-sized grazing land, form a great unity.

The Fertilization and the nutrient exchange takes place all-naturally.
The cultivation and the harvesting are done without industrial machinery.

At the beginning of autumn, the olives are carefully harvested and sorted by the harvesting hands from the local community and our staff.

The freshly harvested olives are daily cold pressed.
For this reason, we can make organic olive oil with an outstanding, harmonious and natural taste. Plus, it has a surprisingly low oleic acid content of only 0.2%!

The olive varieties used
For our olive oil, we mainly use the native Portuguese olive variety Galega, which gives the olive oil an aromatic and harmonious sweetness.

Additionally, we use the local olive varieties Bical and Cordovil from the region of Castelo Branco.
When bringing all these three unique olive varieties together, we archive the completeness of the taste and smell of this heavenly olive oil blend.

Our philosophy
We follow the highest quality standards - this goes from the olive orchard to the pressing and filling in the highly modern and exclusive oil mill.

Our invitation to you
Feel and taste it yourself, let the oil sit on your tongue and let it run down on your palate. You will experience the old and exquisite taste of 2000 years Mediterranean knowledge.

Nutritional Navigation
On average, 100ml of olive oil contains:

Saturated fatty acids: 16.9 g,
monounsaturated fatty acids: 69.1 g,
polyunsaturated fatty acids: 5.4 g,
Carbohydrates: 0 g,
Sugar: 0 g,
Protein: 0 g,
Salt: 0 g

Living Seeds Sementes Vivas S.A.
6060-182 Idanha-a-Nova
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