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"A must in the Mediterranean diet".

A selection of the best virgin olive oils, from the 1. cold-squeeze. The olives are immediately pressed after the harvest which underlines the Quality of our Portuguese Olive Oils. All olive oils of our assortment are mechanically cold-pressed (Ø 27 °C). The quality reference "native extra" is also known as "virgin olive oil." From the first pressing, immediately after the harvest. The Portuguese Olive Oil "Azeite Virgin Extra," is one of the nine grades, which has got newly approved in the EU. All olive oils are from selected olive cultivators from Portugal and La Masrojana in Spain.

Extra virgin olive oil is suitable for any diet, raw food or vegan. Whether on fresh salads, as a dip, for marinades, for fish, for desserts and cakes or roasting, stewing, stewing or grilling, an oil for everything and everyone.
The difference is in the taste, as in the wine, depending on microclimate, soil, olive variety and degree of ripeness of the olives it tastes fruity, mild, medium-fruity, intense, grassy, aromatic, tart, or spicy.
There are various aromas to smell and a wide range of after-tastes, which will leave a unique impression on the palate.
In the production of our flavored olive oils, fresh herbs and fresh fruits are pressed directly pressed together with the olives, which is very labor-intensive, but the taste speaks for itself.

Olive oil contains a high proportion (up to 80%) of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that is known to lower blood cholesterol.
As the folk saying goes: A man needs three drops of sweat to make one drop of olive oil.

Unlike polyunsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid in olive oil lowers the proportion of so-called "bad" LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins), which transport the cholesterol into the cells. The best virgin olive oils are therefore called " extra virgin." Those have a balanced proportion of vitamin E, which prevents the oxidation of various substances, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids during their transport in the blood. Also, vitamin E stabilizes the cell membrane and counteracts against aging in this way. Info: Olive oil, essential olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, can be heated up to 180 ° C (smoke limit).

Quality assurance:
The Portuguese legislator has introduced extensive quality assurance measures for Portuguese olive oil. Each olive grower has to register the number of his olive trees, which is controlled by aerial photographs. A commission evaluates the resulting amount of olive oil, analyzed in the laboratory and checked until bottling. With this, Portugal wants to secure the high-quality standard. Regardless, numerous farming associations conduct independent consultations and inspections. At many national and international tastings specialists rate the subtle differences, and every year Portuguese olive oils are among the best.

Rome, the 29 November 2014, the olive oil Risca Grande Classic Demeter by Flos Olei represented by Marco Oreggia was awarded the prize for the best Virgin Olive Oil, category: extra blended and medium fruity.
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