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Is a source of ballast - substances, trace elements, vitamin B2 and chlorophyll.
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The young, tender leaves of the barley plant are used. It is a source of fibre, trace elements, vitamin B2 and chlorophyll. Barley grass is slowly and gently dried-milled to retain all its coveted characteristics.

Stirred into smoothies, shakes or fruit juices as desired or used for dressings.

Characteristic: contains 25 x the potassium amount of bananas; 10 x the calcium amount of milk; 5 x the iron from spinach; a lot of vitamin B2; very high chlorophyll content; has a detoxifying effect, high fibre content.

Assigned to the Superfood group.

Vegan, vegetarian, raw food (38°C) and gluten-free.

Origin: European Union Controlled quality.

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