Fresh Fruits

All-natural, fresh fruits, directly from the orange farm in Portugal.

We offer you avocados, oranges, clementines, lemons, grapefruits, and many others. All our fruits are freshly harvested for you and will be conveniently delivered into your hands at your door's step.

Since 1993, on the sunny European coast of the Algarve in Portugal, the Dornhoff family runs their orange farm.
We take care of our 65 hectares sized land, called Quinta dos Passaros (estate of the birds).
From the very beginning on, we grow fruits from ecological points of view on our Quinta - just as it exists in mother nature's notion.
The mineral-rich clay soils and our unique geographic location, in an area without any heavy industry, guarantee you one of the best fruit qualities in Europe.
A high ripeness degree brings a low acidity level, which is the secret of our fruit's above-average taste.
That makes them so favored.
The fruits are not conserved, not after-treated, unmanipulated, not sorted by size.
Therefore they are an ideal for small or large appetite and comply with the commercial class HKL II.
Our citrus fruits, depending on the variety, mature for up to one and a half years on the tree.
Our cultivation: all-natural.
Purpose: Health aspects and not for the showing a "tag" as a certification label.
If you need a labeled certification to show you quality, please go ahead and buy elsewhere.
Therefore, you are at the wrong address with us.
We are concerned, first and foremost with the own health, but also with the health of the to us entrusted piece of earth.
Of course, we use machines to care for the Quinta, and we fertilize with expensive organic fertilizers, we reduce the pest infestation with biologically meaningful products and "pamper" our pest insects with wine vinegar traps.
We have planted thousands of "non-fruit trees" to give a home to birds and other beneficial creatures and plants.
For the respect for our Mother Earth should be seen as an obligation assumed with love and gratitude.
How beauteous if we all have something of it.
Key Advantages with us - the deciding difference
At first, we collect and process your orders.
The products from our dry-fruit assortment are pre-collected.
Then, the necessary shipping box will be prepared for your order.
We ship out once a week.
Wednesday is the last day for us to take your weekly order, which will receive a same-week shipment.
Therefore, the total amount of the ordered fruits has to be figured out.
Everything from there on will receive an asap handling.
At the next step, we'll harvest the fruits freshly for you.
Our Climate Truck takes 2-3 days from Portugal to Germany.
Once arrived in Germany, your order's delivery through DHL Germany takes place within one or two days.

We are unique:
We deliver lovely, fresh products over short distances, at a fair price to you.

We harvest our fruits from own cultivation exclusively for you - again and again, order per order!
Our Service is convenient for you - with us, you will receive your foods directly and fully by home delivery!

Our mission and what we are about
Once again, the citrus fruits we send to you are usually not in the normal unripe maturity state as you might know it from the supermarket.
We ship fully ripe and all-natural fruits without irradiation, fumigation, and conservation to our customers.
That makes our fruits different to those you could easily purchase elsewhere in the trade.
And we do that out of a good reason.
We see it as our duty to be able to provide you with all-natural and healthy fruits.
As a producer, we lose a not inconsiderable part of our production through the late harvests.
During the transport, it is possible that you may receive one or the other fruit, where the migration between ripe fruit and the natural decompose process becomes visible.
Be aware; you order natural fruits, not industrial goods.
We do not fight each louse, which leaves its honeydew on the fruits.
Honeydew can be visible as sticky black spots on some fruits.
Honeydew is good to wash off. So don't worry. It is a good sign, too - a quality sign of natural fruits!
Lice can give the fruit's peel a different look, snails sometimes leave sanding marks on the peel, etc.
We should admire mother natures intentions more.
From our experience, we know that most fruits will arrive well at your home.
Please store them cool and dry at 8 ° C in your refrigerator.
When stored right, they will be a palate's true taste experience.
Our fruits are not preserved, so please order only the quantities that you can consume in an in a short time span.
Our fruit fans confirm again and again the excellence of our fruits.
We offer you quality for a fair price.
We would be glad if you decide yourself for us, the natural choice.
Only if you support us with your consciousness, you can give us the strength to walk this difficult path together with you.
Only then, we can continue to provide you with all-natural, healthy foods and with all the living energies that are essential to the body.

By the way - the citrus cliche is wrong:

The peel's color states nothing about the degree of ripeness.
The popular told cliche in the trade is simply a fairytale, that seels consumers following idea: " A nice citrus fruit must be orange or yellow." But we'd like you to know it better.
The peel's color of citrus fruits depends on the temperature difference between day and night while the fruits are still hanging on the tree.
Through cool nights in the winter months, they get their bright orange color.
Depending on how the weather is, citrus fruits can still have a green tint.
Even with a greenish tint, the fruits can be juicy and tasty.
The cliche brings up the perfection in the regular trade.
There, after harvesting, the peel of conventional citrus fruits will often be brought in special dying plants for color change, to remove the greenish "blemishes" for the consumer's eye. Is that desirable?
Is that good for the body?
You are the consumer and you can make your choice today!

Only articles which are in stock will be viewed.
For orders in our shop, there is a discount system.
One bonus point, worth 0.50 Euro will be added to your customer account, for every 50 Euro merchandise's value spend.
Per each transport carton, it is possible to ship up to 23 Kg of dimensional weight (volume weight).
This will be shown to you in the shopping basket.
Packaging: We ship in food approved transport packaging.

Special conditions for the delivery of fresh fruits
Please select a delivery address to which your parcel can be delivered safely.
We take no responsibility for damage caused by late delivery or for entering a wrong delivery address, wrong or not complete name on bell or post box, forgotten name or street suffix, for delivering to work address, etc.
Thank you for your understanding.