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Clean fillets cut into ingots in extra virgin olive oil. In the glass.
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Tuna fillets in olive oil, manna gourmet, clean ingot shaped extra class fillets in glass.
The bigeye tuna is one of the tastiest types of tuna. Adult bigeye tunas are caught with longlines in the Atlantic Ocean. In order to avoid overfishing, the catch is strongly regulated by the EU.
The 250g glass has a fish weight of 170g.
Contents: Tuna (Thunnus obesus) 75%, olive oil 25% and salt.
Nutrients per 100g:
Energy: 209 kcal, 872 kj.

The picture on the glass:
The Church Matriz de Nossa Sra. Do Rosário
The historical church Matriz de Nossa Sra. Do Rosário is an architectural symbol of Olhão and the watchman of the fishermen.

"Manna Gourmet" refinement and tradition:
The small town of Olhão on the Atlantic coast has the largest port in the Algarve. Olhão is the "gateway" to the Ria Formosa nature reserve and a busy fishing village with a unique working atmosphere. Fishing is still an important livelihood today and its importance is reflected everywhere. In the lively harbour, when the boats come back with their catches, or at the fish market, full of freshly caught fish and seafood. The fishermen of Olhão are legendary and famous for their skills. The abundant presence of fresh fish and seafood in the region has made Olhão famous as the culinary capital for fresh fish in the Algarve.
The "Manna Gourmet" product line reflects this vitality and high quality standards. The freshly caught fish, of the best quality, has short ways here and is freshly processed daily. Experienced employees with many years of experience have been specially trained to prepare only the best fish for Manna Gourmet.
In the glass, this freshness is then perfectly complemented with the traditional, no less famous olive oil of the Algarve.
An extraordinary combination for today's "modern diet", a fresh salad to go with it and a balanced meal is ready.

The "Manna" brand is manufactured by Conserveira do Sul in Olhao in the Algarve. Since its foundation by Jacinto Ferreira in 1954, the company has been a family business. The speciality of the company is the production of pastes and canned fish.
Boldness, commitment, perseverance and passion for work are the buzzwords of Conserveira do Sul, which has already taken over a quality promise for all consumers and every product of the company with the foundation and guarantees it to this day.
Since 2014, fishing for Atlantic tuna in Portugal has been heavily regulated and fishing with trawl nets banned. Compliance with quotas and fishing methods is strictly monitored and documented by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC certificate).
Manufacturer: Conserveira do Sul Lda.
Zona Industrial solders 122/141
8700-281 Olhao
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