The packing


A package that looks like plastic but is not plastic.

Cellophane is the common name for cellophane.

Cellophane is a pure natural product from the renewable raw material cellulose (usually broken wood).

Cellophane is 100% biodegradable, compostable and dissolves completely without residues. Cellular glass is also suitable for allergy sufferers and MCS sufferers. Cellular glass is food safe and contains no plasticizers or coatings.

Cellophane is used to produce a thin, colourless and transparent viscose film with the characteristic cellophane handle and crackling effect. This is then used to make our block bottom bags.

Cellular glass is breathable, water vapour permeable, tasteless and odourless.

The manufacturing costs of cellophane block bottom bags are relatively high. If one considers however the subsequent costs in comparison to the removal of plastic bags, the cellophane bags cut off quite well.