The lemon of the Algarve

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The lemon of the Algarve

One of the most important fruits in every household

Now, in January / February we have the best lemons. Our lemon trees, supported by natural fertilizers, are allowed to grow slowly and develop their fruits. The result is a stable fruit with many valuable ingredients.

Stock up now. Lemon juice can be easily frozen in ice cube bags. In summer you always have a portioned amount for the lemonade or salad.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C that our body needs every day. They are also rich in antioxidants, have an antibacterial effect, strengthen the immune system, and help the body eliminate toxins. 

Lemon is one of the sourest fruits with a lot of vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, iron, magnesium, pantothenic acid, fibre, vitamin B6, potassium, copper, calcium and folic acid.

It contains such a high proportion of vitamin C that 100g lemon juice covers half the daily requirement.

Homeland and description: Originally the lemon comes from West Asia, South China and the Middle East. It was brought to the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula by the Arabs as "linum" in the 12th century. It needs a temperate climate and does not like too much heat and is also quite sensitive to cold. This is how it feels most comfortable in the subtropics. (Similar to the lime, which has its main season in summer and is a wonderful alternative to the lemon.)Lemon plants are evergreen trees/bushes up to 7m high reinforced with thorns. The flesh is yellow. The skin is rough to almost smooth. The colour of the fruit depends on the temperature difference between day and night while the fruit is still hanging on the tree. Cool nights in the winter months give them their bright yellow colour. Depending on the climate, citrus fruits can still be green, juicy and tasty. After harvesting, the peel of conventional citrus fruits is often re-coloured in special machines so that they look good in the shop. We don't do that.

Idea and purpose: The lemon supports "letting go". It breaks up old thought structures and helps to shed light on old and heavy things and to exchange the negative, recurring loops of painful impressions.

Effect: Lemons are rich in vitamin C which our body needs daily. They are also rich in antioxidants, have an antibacterial effect, strengthen the immune system, and help the body eliminate toxins.

Lemons are complete and versatile. You can replace the vinegar in the salad with lemon juice, the fruity acidity gives a pleasant fresh taste. Drinking water can be improved and disinfected with a few drops of lemon juice. Try drinking 1 glass of lemon juice diluted with water on an empty stomach every morning. Afterwards shower, body care etc., so that the juice can give its immune system strengthening effect in the morning. The natural enzymes of lemon also help your digestion. The annoying feeling of fullness helps to drive it away. Once you have burned your tongue, you can apply a few drops of lemon juice to the affected area. The pain will be relieved. If you suffer from headaches, you can give a shot of lemon juice in a cup of coffee. Lemon juice mixed in equal parts with our natural honey helps with cough irritation, sore throat and sore throat. Lemon juice is the basis of various healing cures.  

However, the lemon can be much more lemon juice makes hair shine. Simply add a little lemon juice to the water for the last rinse. Put one half of lemon open in the fridge and the unpleasant odours will disappear. If plastic bowls have taken on the smell of food, simply rub them with a lemon zest. Lemon juice mixed with a little soda is an environmentally friendly, powerful toilet cleaner with a pleasant fresh smell. A paste of sea salt and lemon juice can be used to clean cloudy metal. Simply apply the paste, let it work for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and polish. Finally, lemons are one of the best natural glass cleaners. For normal cleaning, simply mix 1:10 lemon juice with warm water. No matter if glasses, mirrors, vases or window panes, the lemon provides a radiant shine. And when the glass is really dirty, roll on a lemon, cut it through and rub the glass surface completely under light pressure. Then wash with a cloth and warm water and polish with paper or a dry cloth. 

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