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The Tangerine Encore is made from tangerines and oranges.
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The Tangerine Encore is made from tangerines and oranges.

This variety is very similar to tangerines.

They are slightly larger than tangerines and have an extremely aromatic and juicy pulp with some seeds.
It can be processed excellently into juice so that the sometimes numerous seeds play no role.

Appearance and taste - a consumer's guide - important to understand -

The peels of the Tangerine Encore are thin and spotty.
The stains are not favorable for the appearance, but this variety is famous for its good taste.

Commercial class, HKL II.
Grown at our own farm, originating from Quinta cultivation.

Our fruits are natural, not sorted and not preserved.
The peel can be used consumed without worries.
Our fruits ripen on the tree for up to one year, or longer depending on the variety, and are always fresh and harvested by hand.

Cool, airy and dry.

Optimal storagePlease keep them in the refrigerator at 4 to 8 ° C.
Not good is the storage in the transport box.
Our boxes are good for transportation but not for storage.

Avoid mold by doing so and keep them in the fridge's fruit basket.

Tangerines botanically belong to the shrub berry fruits and are quite different in sizes.
They can reach a medium to big size.
From experience, we know that the smaller ones are often particularly more aromatic.
The number of seed cores varies as well.
Some Encore fruits come with only little to almost no cores, up to some, which may have many of them.
With our tangerines, we generally always assume that cores can be present.

It is said that the name Tangerine comes from the fact that the first fruits came from Morocco and were shipped across the harbor in Tangier.

❤ "What are our fruits?" - an expectation guide - IMPORTANT information ❤

To be clear,
the citrus fruits that we ship to you, are generally not available anywhere else besides trough us.
This is seen regarding their level of ripening.
Our fruits are sold ripe, unlike the regular ones you can buy everywhere, which are not ripe at all.
We grow our oranges this without any irradiation, fumigation, and preservation.

And for this done for many good reasons.
As a producer, we lose a not inconsiderable fruit amount of our production through late harvesting.
One or the other fruit may not be able to survive the transport.
You might see the tight gradation between ripe fruit and natural process of degeneration.
The taste, however, will surely convince you!
There is nothing you can compare with a good ripe and all-natural orange.
Be aware that you order ripe, natural fruits here, which can't be stored a long time but will bring the true orange taste to your palate.

And it must be also said, you would buy such deli's at the Supermarket – our fruits are not industrial goods!

We do not fight every louse that leaves its honeydew on some fruits.
Please bear in mind, mother nature doesn't grow perfect looking fruits, but tasty ones.
Therefore we declare our fruits with the Commercial Class: "HKL II".
From our experience, we know that most fruits are arriving our customer's door's step in good condition.

Our transport by truck is cool and dry.
The shipping will be performed at 6-8 ° C (≙ 42,8 °F – 46,4 °F) refrigerator temperature.
We are proud of the fact, that the ❤love❤ we've put into our fruit cultivation is something to taste at the end.
Many positive customer feedbacks, which arrived us throughout all the years we're planting, simply can't lie.
Yumminess is our passion - let's get happy together with the all-natural taste.

After all, it is a decision for your well-being to purchase natural, ripe fruits.
It is also a good choice for a better, healthier environment. ❤
Say goodbye to the commercial and chemical-overtreated supermarket ones.
For once, and maybe for all, give mother nature a try.
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