A royal BIO olive oil

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To the four elements

– Earth, Water, Fire, Air –

a fifth should actually be added, the olive.

Willis Barnstone – American Poet



Olival da Risca's olive oils are exclusively "extra virgin" - each one an organic olive oil of the highest quality in Demeter quality. As an untreated natural product of the highest quality, they are obtained with the greatest care from olives that have reached their optimum ripeness. The olives are first ground immediately after harvesting in the farm's own oil mill and then gently cold extracted.


Thus all valuable ingredients of the olive are preserved. The result is excellent olive oils with an intense green to golden yellow colour, a fruity taste and characteristic smell. With their uniqueDemeter olive oils from Demeter have a number of sensory properties.Olival da Risca in the last few years several times renownedPrizes and awards won.

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