Olives are one of the oldest Mediterranean foods
We offer you herewith:
Our Traditional, all-natural produced olives, free from any chemicals, additive-free, and pesticide-free.
Olives are one of the oldest Mediterranean foods
Olives have become indispensable in the world of the Mediterranean cuisine and are recommended by almost all nutrition experts. Olives produce between 10 and 25 percent fat. Although that they have relatively high-calorie values, their basis is predominantly of monounsaturated fatty acids. For example, one hundred grams of unfilled green olives contain on average 131 calories (548 kilojoules), black olives bring it to about 351 calories (1467 kilojoules) due to the longer maturation period. Some olives served with salad or vegetables reduce appetite.
We offer you herewith:
Our Traditional, all-natural produced olives, free from any chemicals, additive-free, and pesticide-free.

The used production methods are still, even until now, the traditional techniques of the old days.
Whether in a cocktail, salad, pizza or their pure form: olives are healthy and always a delicacy. However, the unsaturated fatty acids of the olives can oxidize and decompose through the action of light and heat or contact with oxygen and certain metals. Therefore, always store olives cool and dark. A quick consumption of already opened glasses is advisable. If you like it hearty, we recommend the seasoning with thyme, oregano, garlic, and Piri Piri.

Of course, traditionally processed olives are of the highest quality:

La Masrojana, SL Tarragona in Spain produces the finest olive oil under this standard. La Masrojana is a Farm and a family run business, owned by the Floch Family. They are specialized on the Olive processing. In this business, they are one of the oldest producers in the whole region. The Traditional and chemical free processing has been passed down from generation to generation, and the company is now under the direction of Julia Floch. She keeps in with her motto: "We work very close to mother nature and relinquish any artificial substances and preservatives in favor of our products." And: "We only use local herbs as an additional ingredient for our Olive products, as well as salt and water, as they optimally support and promote the typical aromas of the olives." The olives are hand-harvested from September to November, and immediate processing takes place so that the olives are genuinely fresh. Julia Floch selects only the best hand-picked Olives for their products and chooses only the best Olive Producers to farm for them. Their Olives are a selection of excellence. The picking is done according to strict quality criteria because, after all, the small family business, now run in the third generation, delivers their goods to the best deli shops in the world. The company can't afford to provide poor quality.

Olives are a handy hint when it comes to the maintenance of health and in the retention of a slimline.
Although olives are high in fat, they can still help you lose weight.
Their contained oils facilitate the digestive work by stimulating the bile flow.
The valuable unsaturated fatty acids counteract against high cholesterol levels, lower blood pressures and thus contributes to the protection versus cardiovascular diseases.

Recipe - pickled olives in brine
Take seven spoons of sea salt for every used liter of Water.
You may add garlic, thyme, fennel, oregano, and chilies in the amount as your taste buds desire it.

Natural goods require end-to-end quality control. Therefore each batch is checked for its purity in the laboratory.

Storage: cool and dry.
Packaging: food-approved transport packaging.
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