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Our "classic". Mechanically cold-pressed, non-heat-treated, virgin extra virgin olive oil from the Moura region of southern Portugal. A harmonious, fruity olive oil.
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Virgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Origem Protegida de Moura) = Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our "classic". Mechanically cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil from the Moura region in southern Portugal. A harmonious, fruity olive oil. The olive varieties Verdeal (approx. 15-20%), Cordovil (approx. 35% -40%) and Galega, which have been growing here in the Moura region for centuries, are pressed to maturity and mechanically cold (30 °) within 24 hours.

In numerous quality and taste test the Azeite Moura from controlled cultivation as 100% tiges, excellent, very fruity olive oil is praised and was awarded the best grade.

Info: We are asked again and again, can you cook and roast with olive oil?
The answer is quite clear: YES!
Here in Portugal, virgin olive oil extra virgin (virgin olive oil) has always been used for cooking and frying.
It is well suited both from a nutritional point of view as well as the taste aspect. Especially when cooking, simmering and roasting, the spicy aroma of our extra virgin olive oils gives the food a special touch. Especially when cooking and frying olive oil shows its superiority. Many vegetable oils with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids decompose very quickly due to the effects of oxygen and heat. Extra virgin olive oils are relatively stable. The smoke limit is about 180 ° C, and the abundant in native olive oil monounsaturated fatty acids in conjunction with natural fat accompanying substances such as tocopherol, known as vitamin E vital substance, preserve the olive oil in addition to decomposing oxidation processes.

Certificate: Organic.
Origin: Portugal
DOP: Origem Protegida de Moura (legally protected designation of origin)

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