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The Arbequina Extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, not heat treated and with the aroma of fresh garlic.
Try a small shot of the garlic oil to roast meat in it This gives a wonderfully aromatic taste without spicing up much.
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The Arbequina virgin olive oil, virgin extra, with the aroma of fresh garlic. Spicy and aromatic in the taste, light green in the color. The Arbequina olives used for this exclusive oil come into the oil press along with fresh Cuenca garlic. No flavor enhancers, chemical additives, preservatives or dyes.

The garlic oil is ideal for all dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, especially with meat dishes.

Mild Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, natively cold pressed. The "La Masrojana" olive oil is extracted from 100% Arbequina olives of the province of Tarragona. It has a slightly green color, is mild and very smooth on the palate. The Arbequina olive oil is characterized by its mild taste and is therefore very appreciated in the good kitchen.

Of course, traditionally processed olives of the highest quality:

From "La Masrojana, S.L. Tarragona in Spain.
La Masrojana, is a family business of Fam. Floch. Specializing in the processing of olives, the farm is one of the oldest in the region. Traditional processing without the use of chemical products has been handed down from generation to generation and is today continued under the direction of Julia Floch. Her motto: "We work very close to nature and refrain in favor of the product on artificial substances or preservatives. The olives are harvested by hand from September to November and immediately processed fresh. The pleasant, mild-aromatic taste of the oil results from the very rapid post-harvest processing. For the Floch family only handpicked olives come into question. Julia Floch selects the olive growers and their olives according to strict quality criteria, because after all, the third generation of the small family business delivers goods to the best delis in the world, and the company could not afford poor quality.

Arbequina is a Catalan olive variety, small and round, and therefore very labor intensive in the harvest. During growth, their color changes from light green to pink to dark olive. They are harvested in November. The color of the oil varies from emerald green to golden yellow. Arbequina olives offer a wide range of flavors, including apple, almond, walnut, banana, pineapple, fennel, spearmint, anise, green grass, tomato, artichoke and a surprising scent of green pepper.

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