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A "pearl" in the world of olives!
Black, ripe olives from Aragon.
A natural product without chemical additives or preservatives.
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A "pearl" in the world of olives.
220g dark brown/black ripe olives from the region of Aragon. Without brine. These naturally black olives are harvested fully ripe. They are therefore slightly softer in consistency. For debittering, the fruits are put into an underground tank with sea salt water and spices for about eight months and then filled into the glasses.
Tender flesh and a unique, intense taste.
Pure enjoyment, in salads, on pizza and with stews.

A natural product without chemical additives or preservatives (and guaranteed not chemically trimmed to black). The fruits are not heated, therefore also suitable for raw food.
Nutrition table (100g):
Calorific value: 1278kj
Calories: 311kcal
Protein: 1,9g
Carbohydrates: 0g - of which sugar: 0g
Fat: 31,3g- of which saturated fatty acids 4,8g
dietary fibre: 3,8g
salt: 4g

Drained weight: 220g, in 225g jar.

Ingredients: black olives with pit, water, sea salt, spices.

Olives should always be stored in a cool and dark place, already opened glasses should always be used up quickly.
Producer: La Masrojana, Spain
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