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Fruity and mild. Natural fermentation. 100% coconut blossom juice.
Matured for 8 months. Fair Trade.
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Coconut blossom vinegar natural, 250ml bottle
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Coconut blossom vinegar natural, 500ml bottle
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Coconut blossom vinegar natural, 200ml deco bottle
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Coconut blossom vinegar natural, 200ml triangular bottle
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Coconut flower vinegar is made from the fresh, sweet juice of the inflorescences of the coconut palm. Besides enzymes, natural acetic acid and wild yeast, it is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
In taste a delicious fruity mild combination.

The nutrients contained in coconut blossom juice ensure a natural fermentation process. When the vinegar begins to ripen, sediments are formed which cause a natural turbidity which is characteristic of a pure, natural coconut blossom vinegar. After natural fermentation, the pure coconut flower vinegar has at least eight months to mature. The naturally cloudy vinegar is deliberately not filtered so that all valuable ingredients are preserved.

This coconut flower vinegar is unique and cannot be compared to normal, simple, conventional coconut vinegar made only from coconut water!

The production of coconut blossom juice, the basis for the vinegar production, is an elaborate manual work of the people involved in the project. Fair Trade smallholders of the Philippines.
All advantages at a glance:
- with natural fermentation
- with natural acetic acid
- low acidity
- fruity taste
- without preservatives
- with natural sediments
- without dyes and additives
- not sulphurated
- not heated
- controlled, traditionally handmade
- Raw food
- vegan
- 8 months matured
- Fair Trade

Use: pure in fresh salads and vegetable dishes, an ideal basis for spicy sauces, grill sauces and dressings. For refining marinades, chutneys, fresh pesto, fish dishes and creamy soups.
Excellent for a vinegar cure, drink once a day 10ml pure coconut blossom vinegar mixed with 50ml water. Shake before use as a natural sediment forms.
Mixes well with coconut syrup to give an even finer sweet note.

Storage: Best storage temperature is 15°C. Protect from sunlight, close tightly after use. The durability guarantee only applies to original sealed containers.
Origin: Philippines from controlled cultivation, fair trade.
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