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The small, highly aromatic sister of the lemon. Not only awesome in your Caipirinha!
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Limes "Lima" unpreserved, Quinta cultivation, per Kg

The small, highly aromatic sister of the lemon.
Not only awesome in your Caipirinha!

This bright fruit, is an amazing refresher especially in salads, for curries and fish dishes. The lime became popular for its exotic, sour, highly aromatic, fruity lemon flavor. It has a green-yellow quite thin peel.
Limes are quite small with their 4-6 cm (1.57 inches - 2.36 inches) diameter.
The peel is not preserved with any additives and no pesticides were used on our Limes.

Limes untreated natural - freshly harvested
The little sister of the lemon is versatile in the kitchen.
Whenever a mild, sour flavor is required it is an excellent pick to create it.
It has a green-yellow quite thin peel.
Limes are quite small with their 4-6 cm (1.57 inches - 2.36 inches) diameter.
The peel is not preserved with any additives and no pesticides were used on our Limes.

The pulp of the sour lime is pale green.
It tastes aromatic fruity-sour and is usually much juicier than a lemon. Cores can only be rarely found
The peel's color is almost always green because the fruit has its peak season in summer. Only at the end of the year, you can find them turning yellow. This is due to the colder temperatures.
Lemons are available from late November to July.
Now you can see, limes are a wonderful alternative to them.
Limes are rich in potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. They contain many essential oils.

Mother nature's promise
Since we don't preserve our limes or sprinkle any pesticides at all at them, the quite thin lime's peel may shrink pretty fast, because of water loss. Best storage place for them in the fridge.

Origin – Portugal, commercial class - "HKL II".
Quinta cultivation – we grow them for you at our farm!

Origin and story
The lime generally spoke, comes from the Southeast Asian region, it's home in Malaysia. It belongs to the tropical plants and is quite sensitive to cold. The evergreen shrub and tree reinforced itself with short sharp thorns. It becomes between 4 to 5 meters ( 13 feet and 1.48 inches – 16 feet and 4.85 inches) high.
Our trees and shrubs are cut by a regular so that a good fruit quality is guaranteed. The plants with their dark green leaves and fruits are very attractive to look at.

Did you know that they could be your deodorant?
Indeed, Limes can be used as a natural deodorant!
No, no, that is no joke! It works well if you pay attention to a few little things.
The natural deodorant "lime" is guaranteed to be free from aluminum salts and other commonly used substances of traditional deodorants.
Those are considered to be not very healthy for your body and some are even confirmed as health-endangerment.
Our Quinta limes are naturally grown, preservative free and guaranteed vegan. This is the best basis for a natural fruit deodorant. But how does that work?
The fruit acid of the lime causes the ph value of the skin to drop.
The responsible for the unwanted odor bacteria can form only very slowly.
The lime seals the pores of the skin, so that less sweat flows, and gives a very pleasant scent.
The application is very simple: cut the lime and rub the freshly washed axles with the open interface.
Keep the lime well packed in the fridge.
When you take a shower again, cut very thinly and use again.
But also here it is to be noted: Do not use immediately after depilatory or shaving, the fruit acid could cause a burning sensation under your armpits. And do not use it, if you are planning to sunbathe, skin areas that have been treated with lime are 10 times more sensitive to the sun's UV rays.

Make your very own Caipirinha at home!

You'll need:

6 cl cachaca (cane brandy)

4 teaspoons of cane sugar

1 lime

Crushed ice


  • Cut the washed lime and keep its peel on.

  • Place it in a stable glass, sprinkle the sugar over it and crush it well with a wooden pestle.

  • Fill the glass with crushed ice, add the cachaca, stir well and add two straws to the glass. Cheers!

Tipp: If you don't like cachaca... A good vodka may also taste delicious. With vodka, it's called Caipirosca.

You can find another one of our recipes on our blog, e.g the Caipi-Vinho.

Nutritional Guide

Nutrition facts for an average 100g piece (≙ 0.22 US lbs)













126 Kj

30 Kcal


≙ 11 grains


≙ 29



≙ 3



≙ 3




Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

0.05 mg

≙ 0.00077


0.02 mg

≙ 0.00031


0.05 mg

≙ 0.00077


29 mg

≙ 0.45


0.3 mg

≙ 0.0046








≙ 0.51


6 mg

≙ 0.093


0.6 mg

≙ 0.0093


0.1 mg

≙ 0.0015


"What are our fruits?" An expectation guide
To be clear: the citrus fruits that we send to you, are generally not available anywhere else besides trough us. This is seen regarding their level of ripening and the unique stunning taste.
We do this without any irradiation, fumigation, and preservation.
And for this done for a good reason:
As a producer, we lose a not inconsiderable fruit amount of our production through late harvesting. One or the other fruit may not be able to survive the transport.
You might see the tight gradation between ripe fruit and natural process of degeneration. This taste, however, will surely convince you!
Be aware that you order natural fruits here.
This is nothing you would buy at the Supermarket – our fruits are not industrial goods. We do not fight every louse that leaves its honeydew on some fruits. Of course, it is good to wash off. Therefore we declare our fruits with the Commercial Class: "HKL II". From our experience, we know that most fruits are reaching our customer's door's step in good condition. Our transport is cool and dry.

The shipping will be performed at 6-8 ° C (≙ 42,8 °F – 46,4 °F) refrigerator temperature. It is recommendable to store them at home at the same temperatures as well.
We are proudly able to tell you that you'll taste the love we've put into our fruit cultivation. Many positive customer feedbacks educated us about that fact. Yumminess is our passion - let the natural taste make you happy, too.

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