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Many herbs - grasses - seeds - tree parts - flowers - have grown here on our Farm, we call it simply the Quinta. They were collected and dried in the summer.
Our assortment is supplemented by incense, and articles for other purposes and needs in the household.

Natural Crop Protection with Neem Neem is an old Indian ayurvedic remedy in the body and healthcare. Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of the evergreen neem tree "Azadirachta indica." It is a gentle instrument to regain the natural balance of humans, animals and plant organisms. Neem can be used as a plant protector.
Yes, this is what we do, we use the Neem tree products to protect our farm and to minimize the pest infestation in an all-natural manner. We do this without harming our helpers in any means and without taking any food away from them. Our helpers are mainly bees and wild birds.
The Neem Oil is sprayed on the plants, in a concentration of 3-5 ml of Neem Oil and 2 ml of the Neem Oil Emulgator "Rimulan" per 1 liter of lime-free water. It is, therefore, a very economical and fruitful product. With the Neem Oil, we achieve remarkable results in the young plant cultivation. We make use of the Neem Oil as a tonic, as a snail protector (pressed Neem protection cake) and as a great aid in the fight against the powdery mildew.

The raw materials of all products offered are obtained from trees that do not grow in monoculture or on large plantations and have not been chemically treated. Neem Products are not only good for humans. They are completely non-toxic to pets. The use of Neem is also considered to be beneficial to the protection of mother nature and is ecologically harmless.
For the principle of operation of neem for its antibacterial, anti-fungicidal and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as for the many possible ways of application, please use and refer to current literature or the book: "Wunderbaum Niem" by Ellen Norten u. Jean Pütz in german language. If you are looking for a good English book about neem, consider the book: "Neem oil: A remedy to the hazardous effects of cypermethrin: Neem oil (Biological Pesticide): A remedy to the hazardous effects of cypermethrin (widely used chemical pesticide)," by Tulika Johri.
The items offered here are not food
Scientific and legal evaluation of Niem:

Numerous scientists, among them Prof. Schmutterer from the University of Giessen, have proven the effectiveness of home-made home remedies. At the same time, scientific studies prove that non-human products are non-toxic to humans and their pets and their use can be classified as beneficial to the species and ecologically sound. In organic farming, therefore, the use of self-made no-pickle extracts worldwide is permitted. Thus, by the provisions of the EU Regulation on Organic Farming (No 1488/97 of the 29.07.97) the use of azadirachtin containing Neem products allowed.

Natural goods requires a end-to-end quality control, therefore each batch is checked for its purity in the laboratory.

Storage: cool and dry.
Packaging: food-approved transport packaging.
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