Honey and Pollen

Natural honey from Portugal
Our honey is all-natural and cold-hurled from nature preserve areas in Portugal. This kind of honey is a legendary deli. Our bees gather the pollen all year round in nature conservation areas without additional feeding. The collected nectar is of citrus blossoms and wild herbs. The honey is harvested once per each summer and is cold-thrown (our summer temperatures are high enough) and then bottled.

At the end of the season, we get asked again and again why the honey crystallizes. Our honey is natural; the crystallization process is a sign of its high quality. Our advice: to liquefy the honey again, please put it into a water bath with a maximum temperature of 40 ° C but not higher - only then the valuable ingredients stay preserved in the honey. It contains biotin and vitamin H, which is also called: "the skin vitamin."

Honey is caramelized by sunlight and has been used as a cure for colds for a very long time. New research is now proving the effectiveness of this good medicine. Honey contains, among other things, gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The gluconic acid provides an acidic environment in the honey. As a result, germs can no longer multiply. Hydrogen peroxide damages the metabolism of the pathogens. Also, the honey outsmarts the pathogens with a real trick: Due to the high content of sugar, the honey extracts the water, and because of that, the germs dry out and die. So always keep following in mind: honey calms the throat and relieves a cough.

Felder in der Serra mit wildem Rosmarin 

in der Blüte

Eine Biene bei der Arbeit, im wilden Rosmarin

Die Landschaft der Serra