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Red grapefruits are round; the segmented pulp is pink to red.
Red grapefruit tends to have red cheeks.
They have a quite firm, medium-thick peel.
Our beautiful red Grapefruits come to you with a mild, fresh, bitter note.
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Grapefruit red, Toranja vermelha

Red grapefruits are round; the segmented pulp is pink to red.
Red grapefruit tends to have red cheeks.
They have a quite firm, medium-thick peel and come to you with their wonderfully fresh taste.

Our beautiful red Grapefruits come to you with a mild, fresh, bitter note.
By the color, the segmented pulp of the Torjana vermelha is pinkish-red toned.

Origin - Portugal, Commercial Class "HKL II"
Quinta cultivation – we grow them for you at our farm!

Mother nature's promise to you
Our grapefruit is natural, not sorted and not conserved with any additives or pesticides.
That is done for a good reason – to preserve the nutrients and to keep the peel usable.
Grown with our love and for sure very sun spoiled.
Our fruits ripen on the tree for over a year and are always fresh and harvested by hand.
That is a difference you can taste!

Shelf life and storage of grapepruits
Cool, airy and dry.
Storage in a refrigerator at 4 ° is recommended.
Please avoid to keep them in their transport box for the long term.
It is not suitable for long-term storage due to a lack of air circulation - your grapefruits could decompose quite fast there.

Grapefruit power
The grapefruit is one of the healthiest fruits ever.
Their nutrients have a positive effect on our body in many ways.
Naringin is a beneficial booster in every grapefruit.

In many tests, it has been proven, that the bittering agent naringin,
degrades cholesterol and improves insulin sensitivity.
At the same time, the production of gastric juice is stimulated.
This and the dietary fiber pectin promotes proper digestion and hunger subsides.
Red grapefruits are low in calories.

Very rich in Vitamin C
Vitamins A
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6


A trendy drink for the whole family
Mix the juice of a freshly pressed grapefruit with orange juice or tangerine juice, that's what children of every age would surely like.
Grapefruit juice should always be drunken freshly squeezed.
Stir the juice well just before drinking.
We recommend you the usage of a small whisk for that.

Grapefruits in fruit salads
Grapefruits are just blending great in fruit salads.
Our Special fruit salad for you to try:
Add the wished amount of grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, apples, pears, dried figs, walnut kernels, and pistachios altogether.
If you like it sweeter, then you can sprinkle over some honey before you going to mix the salad. Enjoy.

Did you know? Some significant facts about the great grapefruit

The grapefruit connects you to the light.
This light opens the pores of the cell membranes and cell boundaries.
The exchange of sodium and potassium between the cells is stimulated.
As a result, the metabolism gets going, and the lymph stream is stimulated.

The grapefruit opens up your throat chakra and cleans up your thoughts and your brain.
The grapefruit is a huge benefit to your thyroid glands
If you want to strengthen your willpower, your ego, the back, and the spinal cord.
Therefore, eat the grapefruit cross-cut with the inner white pellicles, this increases the healing power.

The juice inspires the spirit and makes you more alert.
A bath with grapefruit has a cell cleansing effect, strengthens the body's
defenses and refreshes.

Grapefruits have got metabolism-stimulating enzymes and appetite-inhibiting bitter substances.
This makes it your perfect companion for your weight loss mission on your diet plan.
Grapefruits support the cardiovascular system, fight against arteriosclerosis and lower cholesterol levels.

Side effects
Especially the positive qualities of grapefruit can lead to problems with certain medications. In particular spoken, this is regarding hypotensive agents, cholesterol-lowering agents, heart medicines or antidepressants. When taking medicine and before you go ahead to any consumption of grapefruit, please ask your doctor if there are any side effects or intolerances for you. Thank you for your awareness.

❣ What are our fruits? An expectation guide ❣
To be clear: the citrus fruits that we send to you, are generally not available anywhere else besides trough us.
This is seen regarding their level of ripening and the unique, stunning taste.
We do this without any irradiation, fumigation, and preservation.

And for this done for a good reason:
As a producer, we lose a not inconsiderable fruit amount of our production through late harvesting.
One or the other fruit may not be able to survive the transport.

You might see the tight gradation between ripe fruit and natural process of degeneration.
The taste, however, will surely convince you!
Be aware that you order natural fruits here.

This is nothing you would buy at the Supermarket – our fruits are not industrial goods.
We do not fight every louse that leaves its honeydew on some fruits.
Of course, it is good to wash off.
Therefore we declare our fruits with the Commercial Class: HKL II.

From our experience, we know that most fruits are arriving at our customer's door's step in good condition.
Our transport is cold and dry.
The shipping will be performed at 6-8 ° C refrigerator temperature.

We are proudly able to tell you that you'll taste the love we've put into our fruit cultivation.
Many positive customer feedbacks educated us about that fact.
Yumminess is our passion - let the natural taste make you happy, too.

Nutritional facts of grapefruits/ Nutritional value of grapefruits – 100g grapefruit contains:





167 Kj

40 Kcal


0.018 US lbs


3.07 grains

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