Our service for you: You can ship your gift packages directly through us from Portugal by our dropshipping method.
Here in the shop, you can create your gift package for a friend or a family member.
You can select the option by ticking the menu box: "This is a gift."
You can add all of your delivery addresses in the address book of your shopping cart. Then, you can mark your order as a gift.

Your gift package will be sent out directly by us to the desired address (drop shipping method). The package will only contain a delivery note without the invoice and any price notes.

Please inform the recipient that you have arranged a surprise for her or him and that you arranged it that our company would do the shipping of the parcel directly to the presentee's home.
It has already happened that recipients have declined the acceptance of packages. That happened because doing the shipping as a complete surprise without any prior notice to them. Please avoid such surprises by any means. We often heard from people who declined packages: "I did not order anything in Portugal." And then we got to tell them it was a gift from a friend or their family.
Only articles which are in stock will be viewed.
(valid for all categories) For orders in our shop, there is a discount system. Additionally, one bonus point, worth 0.50 Euro will be added to your customer's account, for every 50 Euro merchandise's value spend.
Per each transport carton, it is possible to ship up to 23 Kg of dimensional weight (volume weight).
This will be shown to you in the shopping basket.
Packaging: We ship in food approved transport packaging.