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Best-before date: 04/30/2021
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Piri-Piri with olive oil.
Strong personality, for warm dishes.
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basic price: 6,50 € / 100ml
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The balance between the rich and full-bodied taste of the olive oil and the intense pungency of the chilli pepper gives rise to this spice with a strong and distinctive personality.

Ingredients: olive oil (52%), vegetable oils 46%), (rape and sunflower), extracts: piri piri (1.7%) and garlic, colouring: paprika extract, flavours: lemon, tabasco sauce, (mustard and celery) and rosemary, antioxidant: afa-tocopherol

Storage: store bottles in the refrigerator.

General information about Piri-Piri / Chili products:
Whether fresh or dried, or in sauces:
Always keep chilli products child-resistant and keep children away during processing.
Explain to your children why, a pure ban only makes them curious. The best protection is to explain and show the correct exemplary processing/use.
You should wear protective gloves when handling and using very hot chili peppers / products, avoid skin contact, protect your eyes, and clean your hands and the dishes you use thoroughly.

The best, first aid (according to our experience), if it happened:
With eye contact:
Immediately contact an emergency doctor, do not wash out with water under any circumstances!!!

For burning in the mouth and esophagus:
Eat a piece of white bread or toast with as fatty Mascorpone cheese as possible, or any other fatty cheese, yogurt sweetened with sugar, milk sweetened with sugar. In no case water, that would only spread the spiciness. Ice-cold beer, then. The active ingredient in chili, capsaicin, is fat soluble.
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