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Flower meadows are food sources for bees, bumble bees and all the other insects. And ultimately for us too. So if everyone would just look a little bit, no matter if in the garden, balcony.........
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By buying flower meadow seeds and using them in your garden or balcony, you choose the best seed quality: organic (BIO) and biodynamic (Demeter). We bring back varieties of the best local and traditional seeds. Respect for all living beings and the planet, through high quality seeds and free pollination.

Why seed flower meadow:
Manuel was the grandson of Manelinho Abelha, a beekeeper from the Idanha-a-Nova region. Grandfather and grandson were his best friends. Instead of a puppy or a cat, Manuel had his pets in the bees. He had learned to play quietly between tufts of rosemary and lavender, orange groves and vegetable gardens where the peas could score.

One day, when he went to the city to do his higher studies, he kept himself informed about the welfare of the bees by the letters he exchanged with his grandfather. And he would not fall asleep without enjoying a spoonful of the sweetest and aromatic honey the world would ever know.
But time changed, and the Manelinho bee complained that humans were injecting more and more to kill the evil insects. At the same time, the population of good insects changed, and now the bees and ladybirds decreased year by year. The spell had turned against the magician.
Manuel read and thought; he did not want to admit that he lost the taste of the honey that preserved his heart and strengthened his health. He studied a lot, travelled, exchanged ideas with young and old. And one day he returned home with the seeds of flowers for the bees.
He embraced the Manelinho Bee and promised to change the course of things by bringing back the fairy pollinators.

Got a seed bag: Net weight: 20g
Composition: 17.5% buckwheat; 8% facelia; 9% linen; 8% sunflower; 0.5% marigold; 15% lupine; 10% bersim; 8% persia clover; 6% vetch; 8% sawdust; 2% dill; 5% coriander; 3% mallow.

In spring, around April, for sowing in sunny - semi-shady locations. Flowering time then from June/July.

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