Dried Spices & Herbs

Dried Spices and Herbs from around the globe.
Our spices and herbs are from wild growth and controlled cultivation.
If they are used right, they can be beneficial in many different situations.
Natural goods require end-to-end quality control. Therefore each batch is checked for its purity in the laboratory.

Please Note:
Dried spices and herbs are no medicine. In case of acute illness, please discuss the additional intake of herbal teas with your doctor or your healing practitioner, which is mandatory to prevent any interaction with medications.

Storage: cool and dry.
Packaging: food-approved transport packaging.
Only available items will be displayed.
For orders in our shop, there is a discount system.
One bonus point, worth 0.50 Euro will be added to your customer account, for every 50 Euro merchandise's value spend.
Each shipping box can carry up to 23 Kg of volume weight. The volume weight of each item is declared at each item's description and in the shopping cart.

We confirm the products, delivered by us, are Natural products. They are all in conformity to the new European regulations for authorization, Labeling and traceability of Genetically modified life and Feed according to Regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003 and EC No. 1830/2003 and the Directive 2001/18 / EC. Our products are not subject to labeling requirements.