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Piri Piri - chillies of the Algarve for all tastes
Our traditional spices and marinades from Portugal are also known as Piri Piri.
Piri Piri - chillies of the Algarve for all tastes
Our traditional spices and marinades from Portugal are also known as Piri Piri.
Piri-Piri ............ Everybody has heard or read of it once before. Piri-Piri is the term for Portuguese chilies. Previously it was an essential vital for the sailors and its discovery nation Portugal. Today it is indispensable in Portuguese cuisine. A blend of recipes from all over the world made the Piri-Piri seasoning of today so unique and different from other chili spice-mixtures. Nowadays the Tradition and the modernity got combined with state-of-the-art food processing. The Piri-Piri production is strictly monitored under consistent quality control. The usage of the old traditional recipes is mandatory and not to think away. All products are free from colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavors. Additionally to this, the Piri-Piri products in our store have an extremely high fruit content, which barely finds elsewhere comparison.

Piri-Piri & Co

Everything started with a plant, which the Piri-Piri lover Romeu got given from his friends. The Piri-Piri plant grew magnificently, and Romeu's love for this plants started to grow, too. In 2011 he already had 200 plants to look after. In the exchange with other chili lovers, new varieties constantly arrived on the scene. Thanks to this, the around the globe most used and therefore most common chili varieties, can be now harvested from 7,500 plants. These particularly aromatic fruits enjoy the almost 360 days sun per year of the Algarve. Romeu's love for his plants is feelable. He uses pure organic fertilizers, plant protection with Indian Neem Oil products, and a lot of manual work = a natural food of the extra class.

In 2011 Piri-Piri & Co was founded in Albufeira - chilis of the Algarve for all tastes - Romeu founded it with his longtime friend and current business partner Rui Gordo. Following the old traditional recipes, the high-quality gourmet Algarve chilies are carefully processed using the most modern methods. For the best possible quality, they produce only a small amount of batches.

General information about Piri Piri / Chili products:
Whether fresh or dried or in sauces:
Always keep chili products away for children. Close the chili containers and keep out of reach of your children. Please also don't forget to keep the children away when using chili for your food preparations.
Explain to your children why chili is not a toy. A mere ban makes your kids even more curious. The best kids protection is a truthfully given explanation and the proper exemplary demonstration of the usage and preparation. Please explain to them the do's and don'ts with chili.
You should always wear protective gloves when handling and using very spicy chili peppers/products, avoid skin contact, above all protect the eyes, afterward clean hands and the used dishes well.

The best first aid (in our experience), if contact with chili happened then:
In case of eye contact:
Immediately contact an ambulance, do not wash out with water !!!!

When burning in the mouth and esophagus occurs:
Then eat a piece of white bread or toast with as greasy as possible Mascarpone cheese, or any other greasy cheese, sweetened with sugar, sweetened milk with sugar. In no case water, that would only distribute the spiciness. Then rather drink a cold beer. The active ingredient of chilies, capsaicin is liposoluble.

Natural goods require an end-to-end quality control, therefore each batch is checked for its purity in the laboratory.

Storage: cool and dry.
Packaging: food-approved transport packaging.
Only available items will be displayed.
For orders in our shop, there is a discount system.
One bonus point, worth 0.50 Euro will be added to your customer account, for every 50 Euro merchandise's value spend.
Each shipping box can carry up to 23 Kg of volume weight. The volume weight of each item is declared at each item's description and in the shopping cart).