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Very good softness, with strong aroma, extremely low acidity.
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We offer you here our shop's Café of Santos & Knafla all-roasted bean coffee. The beans of Santos & Knafla are known for a significant lighter roasting and blends of the highest Arábica bean content.

Blend Aromatico
This light blend of predominantly Arabica (60%) is characterized by its softness, but strong aroma same time, a beneficial acidity and a perfect crema. Notes of chocolate are accompanied by a long-lasting fragrance and aftertaste. Suitable for the brewing with a full-automatic coffee machine and for the preparation of Café Crema.

Café Santos & Knafla
A freshly roasted, strong, deliberately lightly roasted coffee in the typical style of medium European coffee culture.

Roasting changer - roasting makes the difference - enjoyment without regrets
Small selected quantities of raw coffee are traditionally roasted very slowly. At the same time, roasting master Luis, a true expert, and coffee specialist with 42 years of experience, constantly controls the roasting process. Each of the specially selected, washed green coffee varieties with their specific characteristics is harvested separately and roasted to the point. This gives the coffee an optimal variety of aromas and flavors.
The gentle, artisanal roasting of the drum roasting process minimizes the acids in the coffee. This is especially important regarding chlorogenic acid, which is common to cause stomach issues to some coffee drinkers.
Therefore the Santos & Knafla coffee is an enjoyment without regrets.
A good coffee - all natural, and without additives, for a reasonable price!

Cultivation – it starts with a plant and ends in a blend

The Arabica beans are probably the oldest coffee species. The Arabica green coffee from Colombia grows in climatically ideal conditions and is considered to be one of the highest quality coffee varieties worldwide.
The plants are sensitive to high temperatures, so they preferably growing in heights of 900-2000m above the sea level. The growth is slower due to the lower temperatures and the altitude. This way the beans have more time to develop an intense aroma until their harvesting.
This certainly contributes to the fact that the Arabica Coffee plant has twice as many chromosomes as the Robusta Coffee plant!
The additional effort involved in cultivation and harvesting is the reason for the higher prices of Arabica beans.
The Arabica beans give coffee a subtle variety of aromas, more acid, less body.

Robusta green coffee comes from Indonesia and is one of the most popular coffees. As its name implies, Coffea canephora is a "robust" type of coffee plant. The Robusta Coffee plants can endure higher temperatures at a lower altitude than the Arabica Coffee plants. The Robusta beans are known for their strong body with only a little acid and contain more caffeine than the Arabica.
Robusta is an indispensable part of the Portuguese coffee culture and serves as the basis for the Portuguese coffee blends. It plays its part in reducing acidity and creating a fascinating crema.

Filling quantity per package
1kg netto

Country of origin
Robusta - Indonesia
Arabica – Colombia

Roasted coffee beans
Contains caffeine by nature

Santos & Knafla LDA,
Rua Casal dos Vagares 39,
3030-141 Coimbra, Portugal
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