Raw Virgin Coconut Oil from 1st cold squeezing. No preservatives.
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Virgin Coconut Oil from the freshly harvested pulp of raw food quality coconuts without any preservatives.

A very high-quality natural product.

Due to the gentle cold pressing of fresh coconuts, all valuable ingredients and the fine coconut taste are particularly well preserved.

Coconut oil or coconut oil is a white to whitish-ivory colored vegetable oil that is solid at room temperature.

It is extracted from copra and to characterize by its very high content of saturated fatty acids and richness in caprylic, lauric and myristic acid.

It smells mild, waxy and fresh with a light coconut note.

To extract coconut oil, copra is crushed, dried and squeezed out in oil mills.

Coconut oil is a universal oil in the kitchen.

It is suitable for cooking, frying, baking, and refining, as it has a very high smoke point (up to 200 degrees).

Coconut oil gives the dishes a slightly fruity, exotic note without being overpowering.

Coconut oil is very easy to digest.

It regulates the blood lipid level, is antimicrobial (both internal and external) and almost never leads to obesity.

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil which is solid at room temperature and whose melting range is about 73.4° F to 78.8 ° F.

Coconut oil consists of so-called medium-chain fats, that are completely different metabolized by the body then long-chain fats would be.

Some long-chain fats are, e.g: Sunflower, rapeseed, or olive oil.


Store cool and dry. At best in the Fridge.

Average nutritional information per 100ml

3700 KJ / 900 kcal of protein

0 g; Carbohydrates

0g fat:

99.9 g of which saturated fatty acid 94.2 g (of which about 49 g lauric fatty acid)

Simple unsaturated fatty acids

4.9 g polyunsaturated fatty acids

0.8 g; Cholesterol 0 mg


Philippines, fair trade



There are some known healing effects of coconut oil, please refer to the press or the numerous reports in the media like the Internet.

For example



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