Cocoa / Foods
From raw cocoa to cocoa butter to practical cocoa chips.
We offer you cocoa from natural, pesticide-free, controlled cultivation.
The cocoa bean was first brought as a gift to the Spanish royal family in the 15th century, but they did not do much with this bitter fruit. In Portugal, cocoa became a popular beverage only in the 17th century. The Indians of the Porto Seguro region of Brazil showed the Portuguese sailors the preparation of the cocoa drink with cane sugar and thus made it spread quite quickly. After the quick spread, it was then shipped by all mariner nations of the time to Europe.
Cocoa has been considered a fad for many years, especially the delicious chocolate.
Today we see cocoa as an important agent for our health.

This category is supplemented with various interesting foods from the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking areas and the Philippines.
Here you will find Agar Agar, Alfaroba flour (Carob powder) a variety of dried beans, Chia seeds, psyllium seeds, hemp seeds, coconut products, Manjok flour, various juice powders and many more; this reaches as far as to the popular cane sugar from Brazilian sugar cane.
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